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Babysitting Robin

Babysitting Robin - Alice Kindred

Last Tuesday my brother asked me to babysit my three years nephew for two days. It was a big commitment, but I did not say no. I love my little man, Robin. Plus it was the first time when my older brother asked me something serious as this.

My brother mentioned something about getting a Sail awning for balcony longueuil and being away for a day or two. I didn’t really understand where he was going or why, but I agreed to help. Usually it was me asking for favors, not him.

Robin is used to spend time with me at their house, or mine, but this time was different.  I had stayed with him before on countless occasions, but never more than maximum six hours.

Then the parents were returning and taking care of him. I noted that he was getting a bit cranky when it was close to their arrival.

Now, we were all alone for two entire days. I feared that he might miss his parents and start crying uncontrollably. I was worried that I won’t be able to do comfort him when he would miss them. My strategy was to keep him busy at all times, so he would not have time to think of them.

As for the bedtime hour, I already knew his routine. My sister in law left me a long list of things I had to do with him before putting him to sleep.

When I got to their house, I took a deep breath and keep it in for a few moments, hoping everything would go well. I told myself I had no reasons to doubt my babysitting skills. I tried to cheer me up thinking that I had no diapers to change!

As soon as I stepped in, Robin grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his room. I barely had time to remove my shoes. He was talking excitedly about a camping trip. I did not get much of what he was telling me. All I knew was that I had to follow him.

On the way to his bedroom, I greeted his mother who was cooking in the kitchen. She said she would come up within a few minutes. She asked Robin to show me the camp. I guessed that she was aware about the camping trip that Robin was talking about.

A few moments later, I was surprised to see a real tent in Robin’s bedroom. He ran inside and invited me to follow him. My brother and he prepared the tent, so that we can go camping. Guess who slept inside the tent for two nights?


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