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Footpath Woes

Footpath Woes - Alice Kindred

Really, it's a joke. You'd think that in this day and age the local council would be able to keep a footpath in good condition but it seems that may just be asking a little too much. All it needs is a little bit of quality park paving to make the path safer. But right now anybody who thinks of walking on it gets to do a little bit of a dance just to avoid all of the cracks and trip hazards.

The worst of it is that the pavement is right outside a school. Kids are using this thing every single day to get to their lessons, including my son. I've always made it a point to walk the lad to school while the wife heads out to work but having to play dodge the crack on the pavement is eventually going to lead to somebody getting an injury. Surely that would cost the council a lot more than a little bit of paving to fix things up.

I guess they need to be alerted to the fact that more paving is needed so I've taken matters into my own hands. I've been working on a petition during my downtime that I'll be taking to the school next Monday. All the parents seem to be complaining about the quality of the footpath so I reckon I should have no problems getting a few signatures on the petition. When I will have done the rounds, the idea is to present it to the council and hopefully they will be forced to sit up and listen.

Look, I totally understand that we are in an era of austerity and every local authority is looking to tighten the belt, so to speak, but that still doesn’t excuse the quality of that footpath. Especially when it's obvious that all that is required is a little bit of quality park paving Edmonton. Surely, this is what myself and thousands of others pay our council taxes for right? The petition template is drawn up and I have the postage details for the local council jotted down on an envelope and ready to go. I think I’ll try to get a few teachers to sign up as well to give the petition a little extra weight. After all they should be as concerned for the safety of our kids as we are. Wish me luck!


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