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Honeymoon in paradise

Honeymoon in paradise - Alice Kindred

What could be more pleasant than to wake up to be beautiful view of a dormant volcano, and enjoy a cup of freshly roasted organic coffee, grown on the plantation you decided to spend your honeymoon? Sounds like the beginning of new day in paradise, right?

Well, not quite. Let me explain why. When we are planning our honeymoon, we all dream of an exotic location, where we would like to forget about the world, and enjoy life as newlyweds. Some prefer a beach destination abroad, others settle for a closer to home location. Each one has different reasons and different budget to think of, when planning the honeymoon.

We decided to visit and explore a tropical country for our two weeks off. Right after the wedding, we headed towards the airport. We had the suitcases prepared, waiting in my brother’s car. When we got to the airline's counter, we found out that we have been upgraded to the first class. We had champagne served to us, as soon as we sat down on our seats.

By the time we reached our destination, it was already midnight. Our hosts were still up, waiting for us. They helped us with our luggage and offered us a warm dinner in the candle light. Apparently, there was an electricity blackout which lasted couple of hours. We didn’t mind. We actually thought it was very romantic.

Shortly after we went to our room, it started to rain. It poured cats and dogs the entire night. We didn't mind that either. It was our first night as husband and wife. Who cared if there was a tropical storm outside? Not us! This was our honeymoon and that's all that counted. Nothing could have stopped us from feeling so excited about being there, together. First time in the tropics!

A few hours later, we woke up to an awful sound. We were so tired that we didn't know where we were, or what we heard. Both us got up, and we were wondering what that metal sound that prevented us from sleeping was. It sounded as if we were right behind of an industrial metal cutting saw. We look at each other, and then I checked my phone. It was only 6:10AM. My husband decided to go downstairs, and ask the hosts what was happening. A few minutes later, he came back saying that the owner was testing his new cnc cutting table in his workshop. He definitely needed a sound proof box!

His wife tried to apologize by bringing us a fabulous breakfast. We opened the door to our balcony, and had breakfast over there, happy that we weren't staying in the same place the entire honeymoon. We needed some rest.


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