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I’m aging! Help!

I’m aging! Help! - Alice Kindred

Just before I open the door to the guy from the security solution firm GTA who’s coming to do the installation of our system, I had a quick look at myself in the mirror this morning and I noted that my face looked older. The wrinkles on my face tripled and I got so many lines I did not use to have. I am getting older! Noooo! I don’t mind aging, as long as it does not show!

I guess the transition from the 40s to the 50s is the hardest. The skin gets saggier, the muscles are not as strong as before and we start revealing the age much more. I think I will listen to my older sister and go do a wrinkle treatment. I am not pleased at all with the way I look.

Maybe these treatments will make me look better, inside and outside. Don’t start giving me the lecture that beauty comes from within, because I am far too old for that. I learnt it long time ago. That did not prevent me from getting two plastic surgeries.

Anyway, this winter took a toll on me. I never felt so tired and drained of energy for such a long period of time. I even took some supplements to boost up my energy levels, but it did not seem to help.

I am anxious to have the warm weather coming and enjoy the long days filled with sun. When it’s cold and gloomy I tend to get depressed. The lack of vitamin D is the main culprit for it. Some days I don’t feel like leaving the house and I end up hibernating like a bear.

I should have known by now that being active despite the cold weather would prevent me from getting depressed. If I stay only inside without taking or meeting anyone, I get negative thoughts. I end up rewinding some old forgotten memories and getting wrapped in a ball of negativity that is hard to shake off my head and shoulders.

Most of the times I can’t do it alone and I need to go see my therapist. He’s been always helpful.

During the past six months I have seen him only twice. Maybe I should pay him a visit and have a small chat with him. Just to ensure that I am on the good path and I leave behind the black clouds hovering over my head.

I guess I should call the assistant and take and appointment first, otherwise I won’t be able to see him


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