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Living under the same roof

Living under the same roof - Alice Kindred

My boyfriend just started to work in car rental Toronto. So he and I have decided to moved in. Since then, a lot of things changed. We started to have a more quarrels than before. I wonder if it is something normal, or I should worry about it. I imagine that life is not always pink for anyone. All couples have ups and downs. Everyone has good and bad moments. When you live with someone, things tend to become complicated if an issue is not addressed properly from the beginning. 

I was a bit reluctant to take this step of living together, but after a few weeks of reflection, it seemed like a normal thing. It felt I took the right decision. Being under the same roof was the next step in our relationship. We were serious about each other from the beginning.

After two years of dating, we moved in. Once that happened, I realized there were things that I did not know about my partner. Things that I would not have learnt or found out  if we were not living together. It’s one thing dating and having sleepovers, while cohabiting it’s a totally different story.

I must admit that I was baffled in the first days. I passed through several stages, from amusement and surprise to worries and discontent. I guess when it comes to love, we all have to make compromises. That’s what keeps us going. That’s what helps us accept our partner and go over certain things that we disagree, disapprove or simply don’t understand. The sum of all things should still be able to make us smile when we see his face and wish for him to return home.

Imagine that now I hear a lot more often about I don’t know what pipe bursting, or a draining someone’s sink. The same way I talk about my work, he does it too. The only difference my line of work does not require protection equipment, nor carrying tools around me. My only two tools are my pen and my laptop, which are indispensable. Without them, I would not be able to work. 

Within the first week together, we came up with a sort of schedule. Thus we reserved Wednesday for movie night, Friday night for board games, when we have friends coming over, while Saturdays and Sundays are only for us. I heard so many sad stories of people going on separate ways because they did not spend enough quality time together - I wanted to ensure it won’t happen to us.


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