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My First Date With The Handsome Waiter

My First Date With The Handsome Waiter - Alice Kindred

Last Saturday I went out with friends. We decided to go Chinese and after that we went to the cinema to see the latest Hollywood hit. Afterwards, we dropped by our local pub for a drink. It was our usual Saturday night routine ever since we were in high school.

Dinner was great as usual. We went to our favourite Chinese restaurant, where we knew what to expect. There was only one thing new: our waiter. He was very nice and charming guy who made us laugh. I think all my friends liked him. Thanks goodness they could do nothing about it since they all have boyfriends.

I was available at that moment. I recently had a boyfriend, but we broke two months prior. My friends were setting me up with some guys they knew, but it didn't work out; and I wasn't upset about that. I did not want to rush or push things. I knew some day the right guy would come along.

I am not sure whether this waiter is the right guy, but I like him. It seems he likes me too, or at least my friends mentioned so when we left the restaurant. They were teasing me, and I was teasing them back. It was a nice evening for us, and I decided that the next week I'd go there more often. I did not tell that to my friends. After all, it could be nothing in the end.

We went to see a movie. It was good, but nothing spectacular. Still, it was a nice two hours. We went to the pub, and there was a surprise. Our waiter was there by the bar. The pub was full and he did not notice us. He was talking to the bartender, and it seemed they knew each other.

When he moved, I went to buy drinks, and I asked the bartender who this guy is. He is the bartender´s distant relative and he is from Canada. He came here to study. I went back to my friends. Their boyfriends came soon thereafter and after a while I stayed by myself. It did not last long however as that guy noticed and came towards me.

We started talking, and I had a great time with him. He was funny and charming, intelligent and polite. He talked about his hometown, Toronto; he obviously he loved the city. I must admit I knew little about it, so I returned home that evening resolved to reasearch it. I turned on my computer, and I typed SEO Toronto on the net. I learned enough to know I would like to visit this town.

And I almost forgot to mention: Tomorrow I am going on a date.


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