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Some good news

Some good news - Alice Kindred

My friend married four years ago, the man of her life. They had a beautiful wedding on May 13th. I remember it was a bit cold that day. It was sunny but still too cold to stay without a jacket on. Within the following years they tried to have a baby but it did not happen. She got pregnant many times and ended up losing one pregnancy after another. 

It was not easy for them, especially for her. At one point I told her to stop trying. I could not see her going through the same thing again and again. It was affecting her more than she realized. After having lost so many babies, she decided to give it a rest, at least for a while. Then they opted for adoption. They started the papers and prepared their file. 

Fifteen months later they got a letter saying they were accepted and that from that moment on they could be called anytime within a timeframe of one month to twenty four months to go meet their future child. They chose to adopt from Philippines, because apparently, the adoption process was a bit faster than other countries.

I was happy to see that both of them found their peace and they were happy with their choice. They knew that the wait could be long and they seemed to be fine with that. They did not rush into preparing the child’s room or buying various baby items like other parents did.

This afternoon I received a message on Skype from my friend. I did not see her in almost four months or more now. We talked on the phone about six weeks ago, right before my vacation. 

When I saw the message from her, I feared that something happened. Usually I get a call from her when she’s in distress. I am the shoulder she cries on whenever something goes wrong.

I called her on Skype but she did not answer. Then I called her on the regular phone. There was something different about her voice. She sounded happy. I liked that. She said that she wanted to give me some good news. I imagined the news she was talking about were about the private mortgage lender I discussed with her during our last phone conversation. I was wrong. She had far more exciting news. She was eighteen weeks pregnant! According to her doctor, this time it was a normal pregnancy! Hurray! I was thrilled so hear so exciting news!


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