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Stuck in Traffic Again

Stuck in Traffic Again - Alice Kindred

It barely seems that I can go a day without ending up wasting moments of my life stuck in a traffic jam of some sort. I really don’t know what it is, perhaps I just attract them or something. Yesterday was particularly annoying as I never even saw it coming! No warning or notifications, just a set of temporary vehicle restraint systems and a bunch of workmen smack damn in the middle of my favourite route back from work.

They’d set up some of those temporary traffic lights that only let cars through one at a time as well, which of course meant that only one lane was open and we all got to crawl along, slowly creeping past the vehicle restraint systems one-by-one with a slightly annoyed look on all of our faces.

There really is nothing quite as annoying as a traffic jam for me. I try to deal with it by flipping on the radio, but there never seems to be any good music on when I do and I wind up stuck listening to some blowhard go on about whatever he feels like going on about. It’s hardly my idea of how I want to spend my day after work, I’ll tell you that much.

Still, as I was ambling past the vehicle restraint systems and finally on my way home I figured that this sort of thing is completely essential to the safe running of the roads. After all, I’d be complaining just as much if I was driving on damaged roads as well so I guess the maintenance crews really can’t win either way. No matter where they put up these temporary vehicle restraint systems I’m going to end up delayed anywhere, so I may as well just get on with it.

It’s just odd that it always seems to happen to me. It’s not always coming back from work either. Whenever I decide to go on a road trip or a drive somewhere I will always run into traffic. It doesn’t matter what route I take or how carefully I plan things out, somewhere along the line there will be a road maintenance crew and they will be in the way of wherever I want to go. It’s getting to the point where I’ve started thinking that if I never go out to drive then none of the roads would ever end up getting fixed!


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