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Volunteering - Alice Kindred

What could be more fun than spending the last weekend of summer with friends in a cottage in the Laurentians? Well, I'll tell you! Working for free! Volunteering! Giving a hand to the local church, helping them renovate one of the parishes guest houses! No, I am not religious, and I did not do it to wash away my sins, as one might think.

I admit, I did not register for it, my mom made to. She a strong believer and a practicing. She is the type of person who would attend church each Sunday and who would live her life according to the priest's sermon.

Although she is a really believer, she never tried to impose her ways to me. Probably because my dad did not share the same enthusiasm towards religion or the church as an institution.

Anyway, because I promised her I would help her with some work for the parish, I agreed to join her on a renovation project.

It turned out to be a great experience. Doing a service to the community does make feel better. You actually see first-hand how your work is needed and appreciated. In these rooms that we are working on, the parish will host the unfortunate mothers and children who are regularly turned away from shelters.

Before today, I had no idea that there were so many of them. Nor have I seen what real poverty meant. By being here today and working along with the other volunteers I had the chance to hear so many sad stories that made realize how blessed I was to be surrounded by family members and good trustworthy friends.

Beside this, I met some amazing people who shared with me their experiences and knowledge. One of them was the owner of a company which doing mold removal Montreal. He was actually the coordinator of the entire renovation project. He and his wife had worked as much as any of the other volunteers. They provided the tools and the materials used for the renovation project.

They must have spent over fifteen thousand on materials and the new furniture for the rooms.

Not one of the construction companies that I have worked with before would have ever done such a selfless gesture.

These people were different, more open, and they obviously had more empathy. Otherwise they would not have done sponsored this project.


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