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We finally have a garden!

We finally have a garden! - Alice Kindred

What I love the most about our new house, is the fact that I have a garden. I always loved to have a sizeable backyard. Now, my dream finally came true. I have enough space to cultivate my vegetable garden, a big sand pit area, a huge patio with a double deck, and lots of green grass.

Yes, it does require time to maintain it all, but I found, it is all worthies.

My son loves being outdoors as much as I do. As a matter of fact, as soon as he wakes up, he runs down the stairs, saying “Garden! Out! Buzzz”. He is heading towards the patio doors even before having breakfast.

We developed a morning walk routine into the garden, where we check how much the plants have grown, how much of the night mist is still on the petals of the flowers or on their leafs. Or what little bucks we can find in the morning wet grass. We both go out without having shoes on. We love walking barefoot through the grass, feeling the soil and grass under our feet.

The previous owners had an above ground pool which I did not like. I asked them to remove it before purchasing the house. In the area, where their pool used to be, they have put sand. Thus, now I have a huge sand pit for my son.

He loves playing there, making sand castles, and pouring water from one container to another.

He calls it his lab area. Probably he took the lab idea from the Dexter cartoons he is watching once in a way.

We bought a big awning montreal and installed it above his lab. Therefore, he can stay there even in the afternoon, when the sun is really burning. Most of the time, I join him under the awning. I place my lawn chair there, and I work on my laptop, while he is busy making sand pies or winning wars against the dinosaurs he placed in the sand.

Whenever we cut the grass, he tries to help us with the raking. We bought him a small rake and he is so pleased to do a grown up task.

Because we spend so much time in the garden, he is able to imitate some of the birds’ chirping. I was surprised to see that he knows where they have the nest. I noticed he pays a lot of attention to the environment, even if he seems focused on his play.

While I am working on my veggies garden, he is always around, watching and imitating me.


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