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A wedding in paradise

A wedding in paradise - Alice Kindred

My older brother got married last week. He had his wedding at Riu Bambu in Punta Cana. I think it was the best wedding I had ever attended. I loved everything. From the gorgeous weather to the amazing dress that the bride wore during the ceremony that took place on the beach. It was a dream! Oh, not to mention that bride and all the bridesmaids had been pampered with a Gm collin peelings at the spa. 

I have been to lots of spas before, but nothing came even close to the Riu’s spa. There, they offer an unique experience. A lifetime experience, if I can say that. If feels like you died and went to heaven and the gorgeous angels are welcoming with cocktails and champagne. 

When my brother mentioned that they were thinking of getting married down South, all I could think of was the beach. It was hard not to, when everything was covered in snow outside. My parents were not too thrilled about their idea of eloping down South and having the wedding there. 

Mom and dad would have prefered to have the wedding here, thus all the relatives and friends would have been able to attend it. Needless to say that our parents are a bit traditional. My brother was always the rebel in our family. Therefore, when mom said no, he took it as a yes.

I loved his approach: “If they want to come to my wedding, let them come!” He knew that not all the aunties and uncles would go through the trouble of booking a vacation South. He did not want them there anyway. He was not too fond of my dad’s side of family. 

I agreed with his choice. If I’ll ever get married, I’d probably follow his example: “My wedding, my rules, my money!” Thus, in his big day he had only the close ones next to him: our parents, his two best friends, the bride’s family and my cousin with his wife and kids. We were fifteen people in total. 

The ceremony lasted twenty minutes. It was followed by a cocktail party. Right after it, we all went for a dive. It was just like in the movies. Everything was perfect! I loved it! How many times have you got the chance to go to a wedding and strip your dress and go for a swim with the dolphins?


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